Friday, October 31, 2008

Ta Dead!

Happy halloween, love the siamese skeletons x x x:@

Catching on..

Apparently a similar trick works for accidental prince pumpkins x x

No rest for the wicked

But if you're really tired, hide behind a green jacket and no one will know you're sleeping,. Shh it's our little secret! X


No explanation for this one.. Sorry for any random words i insert, blogging while walking and with freezing fingers is a challeng! X

Devil vs Evil

The lady on the left is sarah, she's kissed enrique iglesias in front of 5000 people, twice. She's a very bubbly lass from malta and tonight we are going to try to style our hair together so it's attached and be siamese skeletons lol i'll tell you how it goes! The guy is stone, said "stain" i got to know him when he knocked on my room door at 2am because 6 girls had fallen asleep in his room. He's a really sound guy, back at home he helps run this group for looking after troubled teens like a youth group, oh and he's 25 and from norway by the other way :-) x x


Is it me or does he look less scary, and more like he's been smoking j's? You decide x x

Dunna dunna dunna dunna..


The fairy god mother has a bit of a hoddle

And ends up with a pumpkin prince.. Smouldering facial expression though.. X

The 2nd fanwalk romance?


Yesterday we had our first challenge, a test of endurance, mind over matter, want of the big prize over physical pain. It was simple, all you had to do was hold you arms straight above your head not touching, and walk, the last 22 people to break any of the rules won wrist bands. They underestimated how good we'd be so last minute made us balance on one foot too, safe to say we looked very normal to all the passers by. We also did kareoke and our team consisted of a great singer from ukraine, two helium voiced honies, a drunk and me gargling the tune, we didn't get any prizes, but we all got bands for going on stage. The rest of the night was mad, i took a group out to oceana there are some great video's but i can't post them on here to check out my facebook soon! Love to all x x

Thursday, October 30, 2008

She's like a star..

I'm about ten minutes from my home town, so to help the guides we donned these sexy jackets to lead the way through the busy watford rush hour traffic. :-) oh i won a challenge by the way i'll fill you in in a bit x x

Never again!

I used to hike around this area in a yearly competition with scouts. After 5 years of almost suffering mental and physical break downs in blistered footed teams i took a vow with two of my best friends to never ever ever do the grims dyke hike again! Safe to say some of those suppressed feelings were stirred at the sight of this. X x

I found my car.



Ok meet andy again, he's a 20something trainee primary school teacher, who helps lead a scout group in his spare time, everyone say aawweh! He's also a bit of a secret star at guitar :-) i'll try video him, and my other friend john who beatboxes and send them your way x x

Strawberries and .. Andy

Such an awesome hat! Meet andy.. Hold on i'll get a better picture..


They may look like normal busses, but are normal busses pimped out with sound systems? Just startin our second day, don't know where we're going but it's 18k and two challenges.. Can't wait x x

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tom going through a black hole..

..sort of.


Old people, for the safety of others around you, Please don't exceed 5mph. Thanks.


Old people, for the safety of others around you, Please don't exceed 5mph. Thanks.

Name the film..

One phrase to help.. Woopsy daisies.

A cunning plan

Tom admits to possibly being a sneaky fellow and attempting to befriend everyone on the walk to have more chance of being THE ONE, and i thought we were friends! i'm watching you tom drew :-P x

Jenny don't be hasty

Meet jen, she was our guide today, and they haven't just lumped us with any old hikers.. Jen here is a british record breaking sea kyacker who now teaches people to ski over in the alps, she even knew some meteorology, top notch lady to NOT get lost with on hamstead heath!

Jazz cafe ft daisy lowe

Aren't we some hot topics, after this just chilling with miss lowe (o m g!) For some more press shots.. The star life, you know how it is ha. TOUGH BEANS INNIT X

London eye with lilly aaiight!

Check out my chain :-D and tune in to mtv to see all the interviews from the press shoot. I've only been on this crazy music fulled adventure for 14 hours but i already have a hunch that it'll be one of the best experiences of my life. Ps according to yoeri, if you find a lady bug it's a sign of good weather, he found one yesterday and today seems to be holding true to his superstition :-P x x x

Brief encounter with justin t

Justin.. What a man whore.. Haha meet yoeri, he's a holland born music box, and he's already introduced me to lady gaga who i have to say is pretty damn awesome. Check her out x x x

Hey everybody..

So it's starting, i'm officially on the fanwalk going to our first press shoot. I've met some top people, i'll introduce them to you over the week..this is Kelly/pink she's a sound lass from leeds, oh i should probably mention we're all dressed as stars today, i'm lilly allen.. Sort of :-) x x x

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Sony Ericsson FanWalk begins

100 die-hard music fans on their way to the MTV Europe Music Awards ’08 in Liverpool