Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday we had our first challenge, a test of endurance, mind over matter, want of the big prize over physical pain. It was simple, all you had to do was hold you arms straight above your head not touching, and walk, the last 22 people to break any of the rules won wrist bands. They underestimated how good we'd be so last minute made us balance on one foot too, safe to say we looked very normal to all the passers by. We also did kareoke and our team consisted of a great singer from ukraine, two helium voiced honies, a drunk and me gargling the tune, we didn't get any prizes, but we all got bands for going on stage. The rest of the night was mad, i took a group out to oceana there are some great video's but i can't post them on here to check out my facebook soon! Love to all x x

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